About Us

Welcome to New Relic Studio! We offer high quality jewelry making supplies sourced from the USA and Europe.

About our brass stampings:

Many of our metal stampings are made from antique tooling, handcrafted long ago featuring the finest details so rarely found in contemporary designs. 

About our artisan Czech glass:

Our artisan Czech glass beads are handmade by artisans in small, often family-owned and family-operated businesses in a town in the Czech Republic called Jablonec nad Nisou. If you've ever heard of Bohemian glass, this place is the cradle of it. Artisans have been hand-making glass beads and other glass goods for hundreds of years. The standard Czech pressed and fire-polished beads also come out of this region, but they are significantly more inexpensive as they are made by large companies and also lack the creative aspects of the artisan designs (though still beautiful, and we love to carry them!). Most artisan beads are made in small batches. First a mold is made, then the beads follow. Most of the time, for any particular design, they only make one or two thousand beads, and then they never get made again, so they are truly works of art.