Water Effect Czech Glass Faceted Fancy Stone - Seafoam Grey Green - Rare Handmade 18 x 13 mm Octagon - 1 Piece

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These handmade Czech glass stones are a mixture of different shades of greenish turquoise glass. They have a rare effect that makes them look like water due to the way the light reflects within them (think like the light reflections on the bottom of a shallow basin of water, the reflections move as you move the stone as they do in a pool when the waves on the water shift). This gives them an overall dusty seafoam color: grayish towards the middle, and greenish towards the edges.

  • Handmade in the Czech Republic
  • Stone measures 18 x 13 mm and is approximately 6.5 mm thick
  • They have fully faceted backs
  • Lot size: 1 piece